What is POTUS Among Us?

What is “POTUS Among Us”?

POTUS Among Us is Washington Improv Theater’s improvised election, produced every presidential election year.  In years past, each live stage show would begin with a series of candidate characters and throughout the show, audiences would witness an entire election cycle from open candidacy to election night.  This year, we’re taking our show from the stage to your screen, from now until November.

This show is satire. All of the candidates and media personalities you see are actors portraying characters. The POTUS universe is set in the 2020 United States election cycle identical to our own, but without Republicans, Democrats, or any existing candidates we know.

Dive in and participate!

  • Follow the official POTUS Among US feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Explore the candidates individually and interact with them day or night via social media using the hashtag #WITPOTUS2020
  • Tune into our satirical media shows as they follow the race (check out the "Shows" section of the website)
  • Participate in our major live events like Debates, Primary Night and the October Surprise
  • Follow this website for all the latest and plan to vote in the POTUS Primaries on Thu., Oct. 15 and in the POTUS General Election on Sun., Nov. 1.

Most POTUS appearances will be improvised, though some may follow a pre-determined direction or exist within a pre-determined genre. Some POTUS shows will be live, some will be pre-recorded. Remember that these characters are satire.