Anastazja Smirnov (Ana Smith) - Rock Party

Ms. Smith is a fellow American who was born and raised in America in the great American state of Kansas, located in the U.S.A. A farmer by day, Ana spends her time harvesting crops with her American family -- Greg, her devoted husband, and four kids, John, Jane, Sara, and Emma, who were all born in the U.S.A. A cyber intelligence hobbyist, Ana spends her nights coding personal projects and surfing the dark web. She believes that with her totally 100% self-taught cybersecurity knowledge and down-home American country spirit & values, she will bring safety and security to American families as president of the United States of America. For Ana, who is an American born in America, America is #1, which means that American people are #1 and should be the top priority of politicians in Washington, not big corporations or foreign interests -- this means making a concerted effort to represent rural Americans at the polls by bringing safe & secure election technology to rural Americans, which Ana is qualified to execute and oversee. By focusing on bringing safe & secure ballot technology to her fellow rural Americans, the United States of America's broken election system will finally be healed.