Oda "Pock" Garrick - Rock Party

Oda “Pock” Garrick is a 274 year old gnome who became a folk hero in her hometown. She single handedly defeated a giant that threatened her community and tragically, killed her beloved husband, Gimble "Doublelock" Garrick, of 233 years. Formerly a clock maker, Pock simply did not have the passion to continue running Doublelock & Pock’s Clock Shop without her sweetheart by her side. Instead, she set out on a new life of adventure as a ranger to kill as many giants as possible. Pock is known as a: 

  • Fierce Environmentalist: She lives off the land and is a skilled archer and hunter.
  • Protector: She’s a mother of five and grandmother of twelve who looks after her friends as if they’re her own, and she believes humanoids deserve dignity and respect, especially the little ones.
  • Giant Killer: She specializes in killing giants and does this any chance she gets.

After stumbling upon a portal that brought her to this world from hers, Pock is running for POTUS to give this world a folk hero of its own - to save the environment, look out for the little ones, and fight giants.