Richard Cream Jr. - Paper Party

Back in 1946, our great grandfather Richard Cream Sr. surreptitiously obtained a large flock of dairy cows from a group of male German immigrants from Argentina. He milked till his hands went blue and set the stage for where The Cream Family is today: the world’s largest producer of dairy and dairy like products in the entire globe. With over 350,000 family farms under The Cream Family LTD brand we can guarantee that our milk has quenched your thirst and filled your bellies, not because we're a bettin' family but because we own the entire industry. It's just facts people. While it may seem odd for an entire family to run for office, we're sure that you'll be satisfied with any one of our cream crew just like your satisfied with our dairy and dairy like products. Yep, you heard that right, the entire Cream Family is running for office. So while the entire family may stand behind our oldest sibling Richard Cream Jr., know that you'll be getting a little slice of cheesy dairy or dairy like heaven by voting for Richard Cream Jr. and The Cream Family on November 1st.