Breaking News: Four New Candidates Join the Race!

Breaking News: Four New Candidates Join the Race!

Breaking News: Four New Candidates Join the Race!


It's an October surprise!

Just when the campaign was starting to level out, four brand new candidates have thrown their hats into the ring, seeking to get your votes! With new additions to the Paper and Scissors parties, the Rock party may be losing its dominant stance.

Here's the scoop on all of the fresh faces in the POTUS race. Click on their names to see their party pages and their campaign videos. And see all the candidates in action at the Party Debates on Thurs., Oct. 8 @ 7:00 PM on Facebook Live.

Beekman Chancegamble - Scissors Party

Slogan: Data-driven everything.

The son of Midwestern data farmers, Beekman Chancegamble knows his way around the data harvest. He's tired of your uninformed opinions and believes data should drive everything.





Don Shearfinger - Paper Party

Slogan: (Paper + Scissors) > Rocks

Senator Don Shearfinger has proudly served America and the Scissors party for two terms, but has recently switched to the Paper party and is looking forward to building a broad coalition to lead America in the 21st century. Even though he cuts through taxes, red tape, and ceremonial ribbons, he knows the pain of being an outcast and the importance of human connection.




Miranda Curie-Swift - Scissors Party

Slogan: Climate Change Requires *Bold* Action

Scientist Miranda Curie-Swift has dedicated her life to researching climate change, and her research has helped lead to one conclusion: humans cause climate change. Horrified that no candidate has taken a strong enough stance on preventing the coming ecological apocalypse, Curie-Swift has entered the race belatedly to help turn things around before it is too late -- and she has a BOLD plan to help restore the balance.




Tony - Paper Party

Slogan: Tony 2020: Be Less Grumpy

Tony is a typical Brooklyn guy. He loves life and pizza and his brother Rigo, but he’s been noticing something: America is Grumpy and yell-y. It’s ridiculous out there. And he wants to change that. He has never run for office, but he’s a pretty smart guy according to Rigo. And he has a three-step plan on how to make America less grumpy.



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